Rp. 199,-

Leather Safety Boots Fintoni Steel Toe 6927

Material :
Skin Type: Cowhide and Goat Skin (Orange Skin Motif)
Outside: Cowhide and Goat sewn 2 lines with no bend method.
Inside: Suede leather and Polar Fleece on the toe.

- Thickness 3 cm from the bottom of the sole.
- Classic and exclusive sol soles.
- International standard pure rubber material equivalent to the strength of car tires.
- Sol is sewn through the iron around the shoe (Will not lift and continue to stick to the soles).
- There is the FNT INTERNATIONAL logo underneath.
- Iron toe.
- ORIGINAL FINTONI Bull's Head embossed in the embossed at the back of the heel.
- FNT logo embossed (Embossed) on the outside of the shoe.
- Fintoni (FNT) brand shoelaces (Eyestay).
- FNT iron logo on the outside of the shoe which is coated in black nickel color (Black Nickel Platting)
- Variation of rings on both ends of the shoe.

Fintoni Shoes, FNT 6932 (Handmade) Founded in early 2000, Fintoni has successfully survived as a classy safety shoe maker. With more than 25 years of experience from each of our employees and starting from a home workshop in Bandung, Fintoni has stepped into one of the best shoes you will get.