Rp. 199,-

Leather Safety Boots Fintoni Steel Toe 6930

Material :
Skin Type: Cowhide and Goat Skin (Orange Skin Motif)
Outside: Cowhide and Goat sewn 2 lines with no bend method.
Inside: Suede leather and Polar Fleece on the toe.

- Thickness 3 cm from the bottom of the sole.
- Classic and exclusive sol soles.
- International standard pure rubber material equivalent to the strength of car tires.
- Sol is sewn through the iron around the shoe (Will not lift and continue to stick to the soles).
- There is the FNT INTERNATIONAL logo underneath.

- Iron toe.
- FNT STEEL TOE logo in embossed (Embossed) on the outside of the bottom of the shoe.
- Elastic quality made in Italy.
- FNT iron logo on the outside of the shoe which is coated in black nickel color (Black Nickel Platting)

Fintoni Shoes, FNT 6932 (Handmade) Founded in early 2000, Fintoni has successfully survived as a classy safety shoe maker. With more than 25 years of experience from each of our employees and starting from a home workshop in Bandung, Fintoni has stepped into one of the best shoes you will get.